Gutter Cleaning Tools

Every change of season, our gutters could get filled with leaves, needles, and other debris, this could be bad for your home (explained later). You have a choice to go to a professional or to DIY, which one would you choose? With the advancement in cleaning technology, cleaning your gutters isn’t as hard as before (thanks to the availability of Gutter Cleaning Tools). While hiring professionals might seem like the best way, it could cost you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars each time.


Gutter Cleaning Tools


If you don’t clean your gutters, you could face the following consequences:

  • Flooding in your home (especially the basement)
  • Mold Problems
  • Mosquitoes
  • Structural damage (can cause cracks in your foundation)


Cleaning your gutters is totally a must unless you’d like heavy water damages to your home. DIY Gutter cleaning equipments are available in the market and it is as effective in cleaning as you’d see a professional does and the best part is that it doesn’t cost as much (total the cleaning expense each year with the professional vs owning the equipment and do it yourself). Nothing beats a good DIY work.


Here are the Gutter Cleaning Tools


Gutter Cleaning Tools Ladder

One of the Home Gutter Cleaning Tools that is important for those who wish to clean their own gutters. Although some gutter cleaning equipments don’t need it to do the cleaning work, it is still important to have it to check whether the gutters are cleaned properly. What you should be looking for in Ladders are:

  • Stable and Steady
  • Free your hands so you can clean
  • Allow you to view the gutters clearly

The most important thing about ladders is that it needs to be steady (you can add ladder mitts or stabilizers to make it steady). This is the equipment that is the biggest risk in the safety of every cleaner, remember, you are cleaning 20 feet from the ground (Gutter Cleaning Tools 2nd story). You can find out more on the available ladders that we’ve reviewed here.



Gutter Cleaning Tools Scoop

When you do decide to clean your gutters using manual work, you’ll definitely need the scoop. The scoop is one of the popular rain gutter cleaning tools, as it can help you with cleaning your gutters faster. What’s great about buying the scoops is that it is made with durable materials (compared to cutting a plastic bottle) and can last for years. It also saves you from getting lots of cuts or wounds from picking up debris with your hands (even with gloves, needles can penetrate). Some even have included a Gutter Cleaning Pole that attaches to a rake head and can help you reach up to 14 feet of gutters. To find out the different Gutter cleaning scoops in the market that we’ve reviewed, please check this link out.


Gutter Cleaning Tongs

Gutter Cleaning Tools Tong

The tongs are not just ordinary tongs that you use to grip debris close to you, but these are the ones that will help you clean the gutters with tongs from the ground. It is one of the most talked about Gutter Cleaning equipments that is used by a lot of home owners. This is because it uses your own energy to power (no electricity or battery required), and it can reach hard to reach places without the risk of falling. We’ve dedicated it’s own section in our website, to check it out, please visit this link.


Hose Pressure Washer / Attachment Extension

Gutter Cleaning Tools Hose Attachment Extension

Using an Attachment Extension on a hose can definitely help you clean gutters without the need of ladder. Water Pressure can surely help you flush away (like the Gutter Flusher) debris that are blocked in your gutters. How it works is that your hose is attached to a pressure washer (or faucet if there’s enough pressure) and attach the attachment extension that is bent (telescoping gutter cleaning tools, you’ll find out more about this) to push the debris using water pressure. The most important thing about this is it needs to have a strong pressure to really push debris away (especially the ones that have been clogging it for a long time). You can find out more about different Hose pressure washer and attachment extensions here.


Vacuums and Blowers

gutter cleaning tools vacuum blower

The idea is to use air pressure to either suck the debris in or to blow it away, there are a lot of available gutter cleaning vacuums and blowers in the market. The best part about these tools is that it has attachment extensions also that allows it to reach as high as 10 to 14 feet. This is great to use when your house has a lot of trees that hangover your house, as it can blow leaves away with ease (as long as it’s dry). To find out more, please visit this link on our own personal reviews.



Gutter cleaning tools robot

Combining technology and mechanical power, comes a new invention that is going to make gutter cleaning a whole lot easier. Gutter Cleaning Robots are designed to be placed into the gutter, and using a remote control, you can control it to push away debris easily. The best thing about this is that you don’t need to reach out to remove debris, you do it with a simple remote control. We have a section all about it here.


We also feature other Gutter Cleaning Equipments that might not be mentioned above or will be newly invented in the General Section of Gutter Cleaning Tools.


And to those who’d like to know more on how to clean your gutters, we have a section on it too.