Advanced Pressure and Gutter Cleaner using a Pressure Washer

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When you need to clean your gutters and your siding, you can hire someone to come to pressure wash your house and gutters or you can try advanced pressure and gutter cleaner on your own.  Using a pressure washer can really speed up the cleaning time and can really push debris out pretty quickly. You can use the pressure washer at a low pressure to blow all of the debris out of your gutters and then continue to drive debris off of your house and onto a tarp for easy clean up (Do make sure to do this as the debris maybe flushed everywhere on the ground which makes it harder to clean, I did a lot of cleaning after I did this).


Advanced Pressure and Gutter Cleaner

Use Low Pressure

Choosing to use an advanced pressure and gutter cleaner, you should buy or rent a pressure washer with a low pressure system (having high pressure can damage your gutters or your home so do make sure to ask for this). Also before you climb up and use the pressure washer, try it out at the ground first, you’ll need to have a feel of the pressure (the last thing you want is being pushed off the ladder with the water pressure, trust me, I’ve seen this happen). Start using the pressure washer on your roof to remove mold and mildew as well as other debris and stains that you may have on your roof. Let the debris fall into your downspouts and then use the pressure washer at the lowest pressure to blow out the remaining debris in the gutters. You will be surprise at what a pressure washing system will make your house look like, my gutters looked real shiny and new after doing this.


advanced pressure and gutter cleaner with telescopic wand

Be Cautious with the Pressure Washer

After you’ve cleaned your roof and gutters, you will most likely need to clean the siding on your house as the some debris might end up sticking on it (especially leaves). Using a low pressure washer, clean off your home’s siding and trim without damaging the siding, windows, or other trims on your house. Again I must stress the use of low pressure, high pressure could damage your house’s paints, windows and other places that it can spray against.


Pressure Washer and Advanced Pressure and Gutter Cleaner

Advanced Pressure and Gutter Cleaner isn’t for everyone, so Hire if Needed

If you do not feel like you can handle a pressure washing system safely, it is perfectly acceptable to hire a company that will clean your roof, gutters, and home with a pressure washer. The company can also perform some maintenance on your home, by inspecting drains, trimming trees that hang over your home, as well as fixing small problems with your gutter system and sealing seams that are showing leaks. By hiring a company, you can rest assured that your house will be protected from unexpected gutter damage. But take into consideration that it could cost hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on every session, DIY cleaning costs you less over time and you own the gutter cleaning equipments so you can clean it anytime you wish.


You will still most likely have to clean out the gutters by hand and then use the pressure washer to clean the outside of the gutter. You will need to be sure that the gutters are properly attached to the brackets so you do not blow the gutters out of the brackets. It is also important that you do not point the pressure washer at too much of an angle or you may even force your shingles off of the roof with the pressure washer.


Avoid a Pressure Washer on Rusty Gutters

If your gutters are old and rusty, you should not use a pressure washer on them. It might be best to simply remove then and put up new ones. Or, you can even sand them, prime them, and paint them with an outdoor quality rust-proofing paint.


If you choose to use a pressure washer to clean your gutters, but be careful that you do not damage your roof, siding, or your gutters. If you use a small pressure washer with a telescoping nozzle, you might be able to blow the debris out without having to get up on a roof.


To those interested in buying a Pressure washer to do advanced pressure and gutter cleaning, Do check out what Amazon has in store.


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