Cleaning Gutters Without a Ladder

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Cleaning Gutters without a ladder is a very challenging job, either you would be in so much danger from falling off the roof or would need to buy certain gutter cleaning tools to help you clean. So I wouldn’t be telling you how you should climb the roof without the ladder and fall, I’m here to tell you about the gutter cleaning tools that can do just that. Imagine being able to clean your gutters minus the major safety issue, so we’re going to tell you the equipments for cleaning gutters without a ladder:


Cleaning Gutters without a Ladder


1. Gutter Cleaning Tongs

Gutter cleaning TongsIf your home is around 2 stories high, a gutter cleaning tong could do the job (It can reach 12 Feet) . So how do you clean gutters with this equipmentGutter Tongs are light weight & durable with aluminum shafts, rubber hand grips, nylon / fiberglass jaws and steel pin hinged to help you clean. To use it, you just have to spread the arms and once it has gathered enough, close the arms and lift upwards then downwards to remove the debris. If you need to flush the smaller debris, you can crimp the hose to the thong and it should be able to bring it up easily. Checkout Gutter Tongs from!


2. Gutter Cleaning Vacuum / Leaf Blower Attachment

Gutter Vacuum BlowerYou can also use air pressure to clean out gutters without a ladder, one is by sucking it out using a vacuum or blowing it away using the leaf blower (or blower attachment for your vacuum). To use this, attach the elbow with the 120 degrees angle to either blow it out or to suck it in. It can help you push debris out of your gutter fast, just make sure to wear safety gear for any debris falling of your gutter. Checkout more Gutter Vacuums and Blowers at


3. Gutter Cleaning Hose Attachment

Gutter Cleaning Hose Attachment Tool

Water pressure can definitely help you fix the gutter problem, all you need is a garden hose attached to the faucet and attach the attachment to give it more pressure. Like the vacuum or leaf blower attachment, it has a 120 degrees head that can point the water inwards to the gutter. It should be able to push big and small debris away or down the downspout. Checkout more Gutter Water Hose Attachment Tools at



What to Clean Gutters with?

It depends on your budget on cleaning gutters, but each one has pros and cons. The difference between gutter tongs and the water or air pressure equipments is that it might require more effort as it is somehow manual (as opposed to the machines that can release higher pressure to blow away the blockages). But if you really don’t want to go up and clean the gutter, you can either call a professional to do the job or buy gutter covers or screen to help protect your gutters from debris.


Cleaning Gutters Without a Ladder

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