Gutter Brush Problems

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Gutter brushes are a simple and inexpensive way to keep debris out of your gutters. If they work properly, you can be freed from the nuisance of having to clean your gutters each year or for some people, even twice per year.  Unfortunately, like almost all conveniences, people can have gutter brush problems.


Gutter Brush Problems

Gutter Brush Review


Gutter Brush problems installationRain Gutter brushes are easy to install. They come in long sections that can be easily cut and placed into your gutters. They are round with bristles, like a really big bottle brush, but they are made of galvanized steel. They can be bent to fit angles and curves in your house. The fact that they are brushes lets water run along the bottom of the gutters but the round shape that fills the entire gutter will keep debris from clogging your gutters and down spouts.


When installing Gutter Guard Brush, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions then it should be ok. It is required that gutters are clean before installing them to prevent clogging especially during rainy season. It is fairly easy to install, it’s just clean and place it inside the gutter. A very straight forward and easy work.


When it rained, my gutters were very well protected and water flowed freely to the downspouts. I was absolutely happy with the performance and had to do just minimal cleaning when I see some debris hanging (to minimize cleaning 2 a year).


Advantages of using Gutter Brush

Gutter Brush problems Advantage

  • Easy installation
  • It was able to filter out leaves and big debris
  • Minimize the need for cleaning


Gutter Brush Problems

The Gutters need to be cleaned before using

Gutter brush problems can happen if you do not clean out your gutters before you install the gutter brushes. Because the gutter brushes are spikey bristles, even the smallest debris can get stuck on the bristles and clog your gutter very quickly. When you want to fix the gutter brushes, you will have to deal with the spikes and the mess that will come with the gutter brushes.


Problems with Small Tree Debris

Gutter brush problems can come from pine trees. If you have a lot of pine trees and they are close to your house, you can get clogs from pine needs. If you have this problem, you simply need to remove the gutter brushes and shake them out. You find that you have to work harder to clean your gutters if you have gutter brushes and you live in an area with a lot of small tree debris like pine needles and oak tree seeds. There have been comments by people with trees hanging over their house that it clogs their gutters.


Problems with Sticky Pollen

If you have trees and plants that release a lot of sticky substances that can get caught in the gutter brushes, you may have unexpected gutter brush problems. Once the gutter brushes get sticky, then more small tree debris can get into the brushes are start to clog them. You do not want to have to pick all of the debris out of your gutter brushes, because you installed the gutter brushes to make your gutter cleaning easier or to avoid it all together.


Gutter Brush Problems ReviewSo is GutterBrush any good? After you install gutter brushes, you will know rather quickly if they are going to work for you. Normally, you only have to clean your gutters once per year (that’s one less cleaning session for you), but it’s a bit more difficult to clean the debris stuck inside the brushes. I like it and it’s good if I have a low budget for my gutters and need an effective way to minimize cleaning and make sure that it doesn’t clog.


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